Keeping everyone safe

Heidi, Michael, Dan and the volunteers are looking forward to seeing you. When you arrive please ‘check in’ at the rear of the pub even if you’ve booked a table at the front. Here’s some information to keep everyone safe and help get you up to speed with the ‘new normal’.

We’re ready for you!!

All looking good for today!




Very grateful to Hughie Taylor for the marquees – you’ll know them well if you’ve ever been to a fete in Redgrave.


Also a big thank-you to Redgrave Parish Council. The pub and the Council have jointly bought six benches to put on the Knoll. These are a village amenity for use by everyone, but if you fancy using them for a take-away drink please go ahead!

Hooray! – Re-opening Saturday 4th July

We’re delighted to announce that the Cross Keys, Redgrave’s community owned pub, will be reopening on Saturday July 4th. There will be some changes though…

Although the Government guidance does allow inside service and reduced social distancing, we’ll do this only when our customers, staff and volunteers feel it’s safe to do so. Our aim is to continue being a welcoming community pub and not compromise safety.

As a result, we’ll be using only the garden and the benches at the front of the pub, and you will need to book a table whether you’re eating or drinking – please ring 01379 779822.  

To keep things simple and safe we’re offering a take-away style food service which you can eat at the pub or at home, and payments will be by card only.
To order take-aways please phone or email 

We also have 2 pint and 4 pint containers for take-away beer. This weekend we’ll have three of East Anglia’s finest – Earl Soham Victoria and Brandeston Gold, and Lacons Encore.

Current opening hours will be:
* Thursday 12 – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm (food 12 – 2pm and 6pm – 8pm)
* Friday and Saturday 12 – 10pm (food 12 – 2pm and 6pm – 8pm)
* Sunday 12 – 6pm (Sunday roast 12 – 4pm)

The pub won’t be quite as you remember it, but please be patient and understanding. We’re sure you’ll find Heidi and Michael, and the staff and volunteers, as welcoming as before.

Please see here for our “Coming out of Lockdown” Menu

Gift to West Suffolk Hospital

As the pub is now closed we decided to give our crisps and nuts to the NHS. Donna, one of our Management Committee members, is a nurse at the West Suffolk Hospital so she took them to her colleagues on ward F10, which is one of the main Covid wards. We hope they enjoy them.

Sorry, no more take-away beer

Following the updated government guidance last night we’re stopping the take-away beer sales. Sorry about this, but it is really important that people stay at home as much as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all again before long.

Take away food service suspended. Beer available still at £2 per pint

Thanks to all of you that came and enjoyed our take-away food over the weekend.  The feedback was great and much appreciated.  We even had customers wanting to pre-order lunches every Sunday for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, and we’re really sorry about this, we will be suspending take-away food for the time being.

On Friday the government announced the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.  Although details are still a little scarce, it is clear that the scheme is the safest course of action for the health and security of our staff and the long-term future of the pub.  It will enable us to receive government grants to give our staff significant financial support and make sure they are ready to return to the business when the current crisis is over.  While on this scheme staff cannot work, not even part-time, which is why we have to suspend the take-away food.

We are exploring options which may allow us to restart the  take-away food service and and will keep you updated.  We know many of you have been looking forward very much to enjoying meals from the pub in the coming months.

In the meantime we are continuing take-away beer sales, as this can be done by volunteers.  Thanks to Kevin and Charles we aim to be open 6-7 Monday and Wednesday to Saturday.  All beers, lager and ciders are £2/pint, contactless payment only.  We do have take-way containers but please bring your own if you can.

Thanks again for your support.

Take aways this weekend and all Beer £2 a pint

Take away food, beer and wine is available 12-1.30 and 6-7.30. Sunday roasts will be available to take away tomorrow lunchtime. Please call 01379 779822 for food orders, payment will be by card over the phone or contactless when you collect.

Beer, lager and cider now just £2/pint. We have 2 pint cartons, but feel free to bring your own containers – as large as you like.

To minimise contact points please use the back door, which we’ll be keeping open, and keep your distance from other customers.

Thanks to everyone for your support, and take care.

**NEW** Take Away Menu starting Friday March 20th

New take away menu! All the pub classics will be available to take away starting tomorrow. Once we’ve got our volunteers in place we will also be doing home delivery. 
We’re fully stocked up with take away containers for food and beer so you can enjoy a great pub meal at home.
We’ll be doing this lunchtimes and evenings Wed – Sat, and Sunday lunchtimes.

See here for the new take away menu.